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Focal Length: 40, F/Stop: 5.6, Exposure Time: 1/6

Focal Length: 32, F/Stop: 4.5, Exposure Time: 1/40

In 18 days,….. only 18 days is the difference between fall and winter this last year ….. I’m just trying to show the difference between how fast it can come on and how fast you should get your images ….. I think that during the fall there is ample opportunity for some great and beautiful images to be had before the winter hits ….. but when winter decides to strike, that time limited …. and for last year ….  it was only 18 days


Grand Teton National Park

Focal Length: 16, F/Stop: 16, Exposure Time: 1/10

Focal Length: 35, F/Stop: 11, Exposure Time: 1/100

Focal Length: 50, F/Stop: 4, Exposure Time: 1/400

These are a few Images that I took this last spring and fall in Grand Teton National Park …… These images is just my renditions of these site’s that I know have been done over and over by photographers as yourselves ….. Just hoping you’ll like what I have done with them.