Focal Length: 400, ISO 200, F/Stop: 2.8, Exposure Time: 1/400

Focal Length: 800, ISO 200, F/Stop: 5.6, Exposure Time: 1/500

Focal Length: 105, ISO 400, F/Stop: 5.6, Exposure Time: 1/800

Focal Length: 180, ISO 400, F/Stop: 5, Exposure Time: 1/400

Well …. I haven’t posted for a while, for I have been trying to stay in shape or should I say “getting into shape”. I have been trying to get into shape so that I can do my hiking when I get back to Alaska ….. As I was out jogging last Friday, I was chased down by our local dog catcher …… she stopped in front of me like a cop would do trying to arrest someone or trying to keep me from running away …. she got out of her truck and wanted me to come over to where the moose was ….. I said what!!!! a moose?? here in Livingston Montana?? downtown Livingston Montana??? Hmmmm …….she said, I know you do this for a living …. photographing wildlife, so I thought I would come get you and see if you could get some photographs of her.I asked her if she was sure that it was a female and she said yes, Because it’s the same moose that  keeps coming into Sacajawea Park every other year to have her calves.

So, after her showing me where she was, I ran all the way home and got my cameras and ran all the way back. Then I spent most of the rest of the day following and photographing this moose.There were several other people trying their luck at  photographing the moose …. people trying to get in real close so that they could get a photograph or two with their cell phone cameras (Thats Nuts). Climbing over brush and walking in a muddy creek bottom and all a long trying to be quiet (yea right). Getting out in front of me and then turning around and giving me that look as to say …. ” I’m not in front of you .. am I ? “.

All in all, I was very happy and lucky that I got “My first moose” of the year images right in my own back yard. I’m also hoping that I get some images of the calf when she’s born …. that is … if she has the calf before I leave for home to … ALASKA.