Focal Length: 400, F/Stop: 2.8, Exposure Time: 1/500

As most of you that know me, you know that the animal that is my favorite is the “BEAR” … I don’t care if it’s the black bear or grizzly or the coastal brown bear. Bears of all kinds just get my blood going so fast that I don’t even stop to eat when photographing them ….. and I’m telling you … for me… not eating would do me some good for sure …..I have lived in bear country all my life, whether it’s here in Montana, or in Alaska where I have lived for the last 13 years, and where I remind you I’m going back to. That way I can get and be as close as I want and stay with them as long as I would like. Being in and around Bears is what makes me breath ….. to be able to see them do what they do in day to day life is just amazing to me……

Focal Length: 400, F/Stop: 4, Exposure Time: 1/50

This Bear in these images I named “BULLY” and he is a bear that I have been photographing since he was a cub….. his image has been published in 4 different magazines … 2 of those magazines are front covers ….. The fact is I have had several Russian bears published in several different issues over the years and I hope I can get a few more into Magazines.

Focal Length: 400, F/Stop: 2.8, Exposure Time: 1/1,000

I know that bears have roamed the river banks of the Russian river for years and years …. but they have gone up in numbers over the years to the point that it’s not “if” you’ll run into a bear on the trails or the banks of the river, but “when” you run into them. I have photographed the bears along the Russian River for the 13 years that I have live in Alaska ….and I can’t even count how many different bears I have seen over the years, but I can guess it’s been about a 1,000 …. maybe more ….. I can also tell you that there have been bears there that I have watched grow up from cubs too and that number is not as high but they are there.