Focal Length: 360, F/Stop: 5.6, Exposure Time: 1/400

When I go to Denali N. P., which is like a lot, all year around ….. I really look for the wolves. I think in all the years that I have been going there, I can count on one hand how many times I have seen them in the park and only half of that, have I seen them up close …. close enough for good images.Most of the wolves that you do see have collars and that doesn’t make for very good images on most occasions.

Focal Length: 360, F/Stop: 5.6, Exposure Time: 1/2,000

As I got about half way between the park entrance and Teklanika rest stop, which was the end of the road for that time of the year …… I seen this wolf down in a ravine from my truck and he was sorta a long ways aways. But he was traveling down that ravine towards the road that I was on, only to get to him, I had to follow this windy road around the mountain side … I timed it just right for as I got there, he was coming through the brush and up on this snow bank as I started taking my photos of him. As he left and I started going back through the images that I took …… To my surprise, in his mouth was some meat that he was carrying, that I didn’t even see through my view finder as I was snapping away ….. this was great

Focal Length: 800, F/Stop: 5.6, Exposure Time: 1/1,000

This image of this wolf was taken through the front window of the bus that I was on as I went to Denali and took the shuttle bus to Wonder lake. The whole pack was laying around on the road for about 20 minutes as we stopped and waited to see if they would get up and move and as they did, this one wolf walked toward the bus as the others got off the road. The only way to get this shot was to take it through the front window of the bus and at first I didn’t think it would come out, but it did even if it’s a little soft on focus because of the front windshield.