Focal Length: 400, F/Stop: 4, Exposure Time: 1/8,000

Being back here in Montana and being in Alaska for the past 13 years, I really wanted to get that Elk silhouette image on the Madison River in yellowstone that, as a kid, I used to see all the time in National Geographic Magazines …… and as my father use to show me when he would take me to the park and say ….. “did you bring your browny, so you can get that picture of your elk”. And then I would get that film developed …. and I would look for that one silhouette picture that was not there ….. As a kid I was disappointed … not knowing photography as good as I do now ….. silhouettes, back then, for me was the hardest pictures to take.

Focal Length: 400, F/Stop: 3.2, Exposure Time: 1/8,000

Now days silhouettes are not that hard for me,when you learn how to do them properly. What makes a good silhouette in my opinion is not so much in how you make that image …. but the most important ingredient in that image, I think for that perfect silhouette is the ‘MOOD” in the photograph…… Course this is all in the beholder of the photograph too…..So in these two images …. you be the judge …….. Thanks