Focal Length: 400, F/Stop: 5, Exposure Time: 1/120

This image was taken of this young 2 year old male coastal brown bear cub, as he was out fishing with his female sibling and his mother …. who by the way did not like being down on the river with all the humans fishing there too ….Fact is she was very angry with this male cub because, as you can see he was having the time of his life getting this whole fishing thing down pat and being able to catch them all on his own …… Not paying any attention to his mother or to the human factor all around him …………

Focal Length: 400, F/Stop: 5, Exposure Time: 1/160

Sometimes cubs can be that way ….  for in their world they are the main players in this scene …. but trust me as soon as they learn to fish, there is going to be a lot of life’s lessons to learn and some of those life’s lessons they are going to have to learn …. sooner rather than later. But for now as you can see this is the lesson that he’s learning right now and having a blast with