Focal Length: 250, F/Stop: 2.8, Exposure Time: 1/2000 – image 09-A-509

Eagles …… for me as a photographer, are the hardest birds to photograph. In part because of the type of image that I’m looking for. I’m not looking for that, in-flight, fish grabbing, mundane image …. the one that every photographer gets. I’m NOT saying that Photographers that take those shot are not any good or even great images …. they are in their own right ….. I’m just looking for that different look that it seems no one else seems to be able to get …….

Focal Length: 400, F/Stop: 2.8, Exposure Time: 1/3,200 – image 09-A-904

I also know that in order to get those types of images you have to go where there is an abundance of eagles …. a fast lens and camera. You also have to be able to “pan” very well …. I don’t care how fast your lens and camera is … if you cannot “pan”, your not going to get that “PayDay Image”.  This type of eagle image, to me is hard to get … I think sometimes, that’s why I don’t have very many eagle images. But I know for as many as I do have, they are the kind of images I set out to get……….

Focal Length: 200, F/Stop: 2.8, Exposure Time: 1/3,200 – image 09-B-111

Photographing Eagles is fun in it’s self. But it also can very challenging, if you make it that way …. and that’s the way I choose to make it “challenging”. I want to take my photography where no one else can or will. I am not a Techno-type of photographer …. I am more of your hands-on type of photographer with 25 years of experience. I love photography, especially wildlife and nature photography. I want to share my view of Wildlife and Nature images and to be able to show everyone, that there is another dynamic to wildlife and the world we live in …. You just have to push that envelope  …. and you’ll get there ………