Tunnel Vision

Focal Length: 800, ISO 400, F/Stop: 5.6, Exposure Time: 1/250

In this image…. This is what I’m seeing…… Sometime when I’m photographing bears in Alaska ……… This is all I see through the view finder…… Then I have to slap myself and get back into the game of photography the way it should be …….. SAFETY FIRST…….

I’ll be leaving Montana in 7 days to move permanently back home to Alaska, where I will be photographing my bears again…. But this time I’m not only going to photograph bears …… I will be photographing “Alaska” in all her beauty.

Jumping in

Focal Length: 400, ISO 640, F/Stop: 2.8, Exposure Time: 1/500

Sorry for not keeping up with my blog but I have a good reason …. just like the image shows,I’m jumping back into Alaska….. that’s right, I’m moving back to Alaska for good, and I have a lot that I’m doing to get ready for the move.. but for any one that has moved before there is a lot that goes into it, and it’s even bigger when your moving from Montana back to Alaska. But more than that I am getting excited more and more everyday, so that I can get back photographing bears…… As everyone knows, my forte is Bears…… So I have 9 days till I’m on the road again to Alaska…… I am also going to stop off in Banff, Canada for a photo-shoot. So by the time I get to Alaska…. it will be the first of June. I will try to keep up this blog as I move.

The Dog Family


I went into Yellowstone Park this last weekend (the 16th/17th), with a great friend of mine, Rob Daugherty, http://www.robswildlife.com/ . We started out just wanting to get images of anything we could, because sometimes finding something in the Park is a little hard to do at times. But what we got was all about the “DOGS”. When I say the DOGS, I mean Coyotes, Fox and yes even Wolves.  We hardly seen anything else to Photograph in the park, but that in it’s self is not unusual.

The wolf that we seen was an outsider from the park wolves. It had a collar for sure, but the wolf guy, Rick, did not know who this wolf was, because he did not have that wolf’s collar frequency. This wolf as you can tell from this image is a female and was wondering all alone without a pack and really looked confuse at to where she was going.

The Coyotes that we encountered, were some of the most cooperative coyotes that I have encountered in a long time. It seemed that when they seen us, it was a cue for them to start acting like coyotes. We seen this coyote out in the field mousing in a way that was so comical. If only he had a cape, he would have been a little faster at getting he’s meal.

I think the Red Fox that we encountered were having a feeding frenzy in about the same way the Coyotes were having. They were also having this a posing ambition too, the same as the Coyotes. It was so much fun and exciting to be able to see the fox out in numbers as they were. It gave Rob and I a really great chance to be able to get different composition and different lighting situations.

All in all, going into the Park this last weekend was the best, especially because I could share it with my friend, Rob. It seems that every time Rob and I get together and do some serious photography, it always turns out to be so much fun and I think in my opinion, it turns out better photographs. I believe the reason why, is because we are having all this fun and not worried about getting the setting and the lighting right or not trying to out do each other and it shows in both our images that we produce. Thanks Rob!!! … for the Fun.

My Favorite Top 10 Eagle images

Focal Length: 400, ISO 400, F/Stop: 3.2, Exposure Time: 1/5,000

Focal Length: 400, ISO 400, F/Stop: 2.8, Exposure Time: 1/5,000

Focal Length: 180, ISO 400, F/Stop: 3.2, Exposure Time: 1/4,000

Focal Length: 400, ISO 400, F/Stop: 2.8, Exposure Time: 1/3,200

I just thought that I would post for your enjoyment, 10 of my favorite Eagle images that I have taken in the past years. As all of you that know me and have been following my blog ….. I am moving back to Alaska come this May, so that I can continue getting some more exciting images of eagles and any other wildlife that crosses the path of my lens……

Focal Length: 400, ISO 400, F/Stop: 2.8, Exposure Time: 1/6,400

Focal Length: 400, ISO 400, F/Stop: 2.8, Exposure Time: 1/6,400

Focal Length: 400, ISO 400, F/Stop: 2.8, Exposure Time: 1/8,000

As I have said before in older posts ….Eagles …… for me as a photographer, are the hardest birds to photograph. In part because of the type of image that I’m looking for. I’m not looking for that, in-flight, fish grabbing, mundane image …. the one that every photographer gets. I’m NOT saying that Photographers that take those shot are not any good or even great images …. they are in their own right ….. I’m just looking for that different look that it seems no one else seems to be able to get …….

Focal Length: 400, ISO 400, F/Stop: 5, Exposure Time: 1/1,600

Focal Length: 400, ISO 400, F/Stop: 5, Exposure Time: 1/1,600

Focal Length: 400, ISO 400, F/Stop: 11, Exposure Time: 1/250

Photographing Eagles is fun in it’s self. But it also can very challenging, if you make it that way …. and that’s the way I choose to make it “challenging”. I want to take my photography where no one else can or will. I am not a Techno-type of photographer …. I am more of your hands-on type of photographer with 25 years of experience. I love photography, especially wildlife and nature photography. I want to share my view of Wildlife and Nature images and to be able to show everyone, that there is another dynamic to wildlife and the world we live in …. You just have to push that envelope  …. and you’ll get there ………

My Backyard Moose

Focal Length: 400, ISO 200, F/Stop: 2.8, Exposure Time: 1/400

Focal Length: 800, ISO 200, F/Stop: 5.6, Exposure Time: 1/500

Focal Length: 105, ISO 400, F/Stop: 5.6, Exposure Time: 1/800

Focal Length: 180, ISO 400, F/Stop: 5, Exposure Time: 1/400

Well …. I haven’t posted for a while, for I have been trying to stay in shape or should I say “getting into shape”. I have been trying to get into shape so that I can do my hiking when I get back to Alaska ….. As I was out jogging last Friday, I was chased down by our local dog catcher …… she stopped in front of me like a cop would do trying to arrest someone or trying to keep me from running away …. she got out of her truck and wanted me to come over to where the moose was ….. I said what!!!! a moose?? here in Livingston Montana?? downtown Livingston Montana??? Hmmmm …….she said, I know you do this for a living …. photographing wildlife, so I thought I would come get you and see if you could get some photographs of her.I asked her if she was sure that it was a female and she said yes, Because it’s the same moose that  keeps coming into Sacajawea Park every other year to have her calves.

So, after her showing me where she was, I ran all the way home and got my cameras and ran all the way back. Then I spent most of the rest of the day following and photographing this moose.There were several other people trying their luck at  photographing the moose …. people trying to get in real close so that they could get a photograph or two with their cell phone cameras (Thats Nuts). Climbing over brush and walking in a muddy creek bottom and all a long trying to be quiet (yea right). Getting out in front of me and then turning around and giving me that look as to say …. ” I’m not in front of you .. am I ? “.

All in all, I was very happy and lucky that I got “My first moose” of the year images right in my own back yard. I’m also hoping that I get some images of the calf when she’s born …. that is … if she has the calf before I leave for home to … ALASKA.


The Super Moon

Focal Length: 400, ISO 100, F/Stop: 11, Exposure Time: 1/125 ….Not Cropped

Focal Length: 400, ISO 100, F/Stop: 11, Exposure Time: 1/125 …… Cropped 20%

Focal Length: 400, ISO 100, F/Stop: 11, Exposure Time: 1/125 …..Cropped ..50%

Focal Length: 800, 2x extender, ISO 50, F/Stop: 11, Exposure Time: 1/125 ……Cropped 20%

I’ve heard all of this talk about this “super” moon, that’s supposed to happen every so many years and I was hoping for some clear skies so that I might be able to get the chance to take some images of it.  While in the process of trying to photograph this super moon, if you can believe it, I forgot how!  As I was standing out on my office balcony trying to remember how to shoot the moon, it finally dawned on me…. what I should be doing.  I shot the first 3 with a 400 mm lens, shooting manually at iso 100, f11 and exposure time 1/125, I shot the last one with the 400 mms lens with a 2x extender at iso 50, f11 and exposure time 1/125.  Hope you like what I’ve done.

This is the same image as the image above …. I just had to do a little fun with photoshop and add the Eagle because when I thought it out …… It looked like freedom to me ….. as I see it. I hope you like what I created


The Kenai River

Focal Length: 800, F/Stop: 5.6, Exposure Time: 1/200

Focal Length: 800, F/Stop: 5.6, Exposure Time: 1/1,250

Focal Length: 800, F/Stop: 5.6, Exposure Time: 1/200

Focal Length: 800, F/Stop: 5.6, Exposure Time: 1/250

Focal Length: 400, F/Stop: 2.8, Exposure Time: 1/200

The Kenai is Alaska’s most famous river and is best known for its runs of giant King Salmon or(Chinook).The world record King was taken here in 1985 and weighed over 97 pounds. Many consider Silvers to be the best of the salmon species to target with a fly.Joining the Upper Kenai at river mile seven is the world-renowned Russian River. This is the most famous salmon fishing location in the world. To get to the Kenai/Russian River Confluence can be through the Russian River Campground or by taking the Russian River Ferry across the Kenai. When the sockeye are running strong in mid summer, expect to see hundreds of anglers trying to land these tasty salmon at the Kenai/Russian confluence or combat fishing as Alaskans call it. Along with Kenai’s fish, the Kenai River is home to other wildlife, including moose, bears, and different species of birds. In the spring,Beluga Whales have been seen as far as six miles upstream from the mouth of the river to feed on schools of spawning Hooligan fish. I think what I’m really trying to say is that along with being able to fish the most famous river in the world, so do the bears ….. As you can see from these 5 images, it is quite possible that you will be fishing along side these bears …. if you decide to go and fish this famous river …. The Kenai.